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Are Quest Bars Healthy?


UPDATE (April 2016): My follow up post on why Quest bars are no longer healthy –> Top 5 Quest Protein Bar Alternatives


What are Quest Bars?
Quest bars are low carb protein bars.

There are 2 lines of Quest bars which are nearly identical in terms of nutritional profile except for types of sweeteners used:
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8 Healthy High Protein Snacks

High protein snacks are ideal for satisfying hunger in between meals, late at night, pre-workout or when you are on the go. They are certainly better than high sugar or high carb snacks. Protein curbs your cravings and keeps you satiated. Unlike carbs, slow digesting protein does not spike your insulin and blood sugar.

High insulin and blood sugar levels cause fat storage and prevent fat loss…. [Read more →]

7 Healthy Late Night Snacks

As you go about your diet plan, one thing that you may find yourself struggling with from time to time is late night snacking.

If you want to see succeed in shedding excess pounds or keeping the weight off, you must find a way to either overcome this late night snacking habit or choose wisely so that it doesn’t cause an offset to your progress…. [Read more →]