3 Healthy Granola Bars

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Granola bars are handy to eat on the go when you have no time to prepare breakfast. They are also a quick, easy and healthy snack alternative to chips, fries, candy bars and cookies, if you choose the right ones.

Avoid granola bars with high fructose corn syrup, trans fats, artificial sweeteners, artificial additives, excessive sugar or sugar alcohols,  and soy protein. I suggest you look for granola bars with simple ingredients, preferably raw and organic.

Here are my 3 favourite healthy granola bars…

1. Rise Breakfast Bars

These are made with 9 real food ingredients or less to provide you with the nutrition you need. Each bar contains hearty chunks of nuts and/or fruit to fuel your morning or for an energising delicious snack.

ZERO: GMOs, peanut, dairy, soy, gluten, refined sugars, artificial sweeteners, sugar alcohols, preservatives.

Available at evitamins

2. KIND Bars

KIND Healthy Grain bars are granola bars made from 5 super grains (oats, brown rice, buckwheat, amaranth and quinoa). The whole grains in these bars provide fiber to make them a satisfying sweet and savory snack.

Zero: gluten, trans fats, artificial preservatives or sweeteners.
All ingredients are non-GMO.

If you prefer less grains (and hence, lower carb content), opt for KIND Nuts & Spices bars, which are a mix of whole nuts and naturally delicious spices like cinnamon, ginger and Madagascar vanilla. They provide protein, fiber and heart-healthy fats, with only 5g of sugar or less, to keep you fuller longer. The popular choice is dark chocolate nuts and sea salt flavour.

Zero: gluten, dairy, trans fats, artificial preservatives or sweeteners.
All ingredients are non-GMO.

kind granola bars, kind nuts & spices bars

(Note: I do not recommend KIND Plus protein bars as they contain soy protein isolate)

3. Larabar
Larabar is made from whole foods and not baked or cooked. Each flavour contains no more than 9 simple ingredients (consist primarily of nuts, fruit and spices).

ZERO: gluten, sugar, artificial sweeteners or preservatives.

larabar granola bars

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