Is Cottage Cheese A Good Late Night Snack?

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Cottage cheese is a good choice for a late night snack. Here’s why….

cottage cheese healthy late night snack

Cottage Cheese With Pomegranate Seeds

It is high in casein protein, which makes up almost 80% of all proteins in milk. Casein forms a clot in the stomach and is slow digesting. This makes cottage cheese an ideal food that provide slow, sustained release of amino acids to your muscles for several hours at night while you are sleeping. Amino acids in cottage cheese casein is one of the most effective proteins for building and retaining muscle.

Lean muscle is metabolically active tissue that uses a lot of energy (calories). Loss of muscle leads to metabolic decline, resulting in weight gain, obesity and insulin. Therefore, building and retaining muscle can help to keep the weight off.

Not only is cottage cheese a source of good quality protein. It is low in calories and fat, and the high protein content is filling and satiating.

Cottage Cheese Snack Ideas

Cottage cheese is so versatile that you can eat it anyway you like… be it sweet, savoury or spicy. Here are some ideas on how to jazz up cottage cheese:

1. Add:
– yogurt
– vegetables
– fruits
– nuts (almonds, walnuts, etc) for added protein and omega-3s
– nut butter
– salsa
– hot sauce
– tuna

2. Mix with:
– apple, cinnamon and nutmeg (for a flavour of apple pie!)
– apple, cinnamon and walnuts (or your favourite nuts)
– yogurt, berries and walnuts (or your favourite nuts)

3. Cottage cheese shake/smoothie: Blend cottage cheese with yogurt, ice and berries.

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